Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Life Project (Podcast) - Sherry Turkle "Owned by your phone? -

Really enjoyed this conversation from this podcast I started listening just this morning.
The podcast is called the Good Life Project and is hosted by Jonathan Fields.
I'm a podcast fiend, maybe because I enjoy conversation and the intimacy brought on by the medium which, in my honest opinion, has simply become and can be very well considered as the natural organic evolution of Radio.
I often gravitate and am draw towards content that seeks to elevate and add value to my personal quest of being better everyday - and this certainly hit the spot.
A powerful and insightful talk about the pervasiveness of mobile phones and the increasingly concerning social shift brought on by these devices, in regards to relationships, conversations and expectations.
Seems like beating on a dead horse, right? It certainly would seem that way. But, in this time of split-second attention spans, digital dominance, information overload and skewed social norms...I think it's important to be mindful of our actions and thought processes in order to make the necessary adjustments as we, and our loved ones, can certainly benefit from a knock on the head wrangling us back to our senses.
Now put down your phone - and enjoy the conversation, as I surely did.