Monday, August 29, 2016

Ep. 002 - So you wanna do a Spartan Race? Here's How (w. Ludovic Godefroy)

I can tell you I'm really excited to share this second episdoe of the Awaken The Awesome odcast with you guys. Not just because I have yet again lived to to tell the tale of yet another engaging and grueling Spartan Race, but I get to sit down and take a look back at the whole ordeal and acutally smile, not sure if it's the euphoria or the pride.
Either way, this is a special one because my brother-in-arms and fellow Spartan Racer/Teammate Ludovic Godefroy joins me as we do a Post-Mortem "What were we thinking?"-type discussion on the dos, donts, whats and watch-outs on running your first Spartan Race - which you should.
An engaging conversation that I hope will help demystify certain urban legends but also serve as measure of precaution and planning for newcomers. Empowering and engaging, we had a lot to discuss.
Ludovic is a certified kinesiologist, personal trainer, motivational speaker, father, husband and all-around awesome gent. Just listen to the audio about how he helped me conquer what I identified as my greatest obstacle for this year's course. You can follow him on Instagram as well as Twitter.
Direct link to downloading the audio version available here
(Do a 'Right-Click' - then select  "Save Link/Target As...')

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you're liking or disliking the program so far. I'm getting ready to launch some pretty nifty features within the coming weeks so every little piece of constructive feedback is a welcome one.

Go create your destiny and until next time ... #StayAwesome

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Rude awakening this morning?
It's ok.
We're human.
We're works in progress.
Now, let's get you psyched.

Rub the crust out of your eyes.
Do a few pushups.
Grab a pillow, put it against your face and scream in it. Again.
Stretch to the ceiling. Again.
Lean over to touch your toes. Again.

Take a second to breathe.
BREATHE, dammit!
Let the air in...hold it. Exhale.
Close your eyes and acknowledge this precipus gift that is air. This precious often overlooked, mishandled, misused, essential gift...that is gettimg you emergized, fueling ypur blood cells, purifying your body with every...single... breath.
You're breathing.
You're alive.
You exist.
You matter.


Go impact the world, you Awesome one.


Saturday, August 20, 2016


Here's a thought -

What, you held back on the subtle reflex to go "...oh well..." and replace it with "Hell Yea!"?

What, you looked at a stranger with a genuine smile and in you heart of hearts, wished them a good day?

What, you forgave yourself for your own insecurities and shortcomings and embraced your singular traits and strenghs?

What, when someone pays you a compliment, you actually hold back on the "'re just saying that..." and actually thanked them for the kind words and bidding them words of appreciation of your own?

What if, you held back on killing those precious brain cells of yours by : overthinking, overstressing, self-deprecation, complaining, whining, sighing...and instead took a second to acknowledge the subtle yet resounding fact that you' it all...

What, you didn't text or WhatsApp or whatever and actually called someone(there's an app for that...they usually call it <Phone>) and inquired about their day.?'d be surprised how that throws most people for a loop.

What, you thanked the Universe/God/Lord Buddha/L Ron Hubbard...whatever you believe in...for giving you something to believe in?...I'm sorry, not too sound all metaphysical...but you gotta a pretty cocky bastard to not be amazed by the sheer magnitude of the fact that we are a bunch of living organisms on floating ball in an endless sea of stars and comets...and think that it's all just part of the natural order of things...

What if... today, you did not ask for permission but simply took action?

What, you focused on your goals instead of aimlessly roaming about both physically and mentally?

What, you actually chose for they day to be different?

What, you applied your energy toward empowering your mind instead of intoxicating it?

What, you embodied the personal truth that you seek?

What, you set a course towards your own definition of Awesomeness?

What, you believed?

Tell me - really...what if?


Monday, August 15, 2016

Go to your Desitny begs repeating...but you are not owed anything.
You are not entitled to anything.
Nobody owes you anything. You don’t have some kind of privilege beyond everybody else.
You...yes, YOU are the sole architect of your own destiny.
I have a cousin with whom I have been exchanging this thought/parting for years and, for some reason, I never truly embraced it to its fullest until some years later : "Go to your Destiny".
We don't say 'goodbye' 'ciao' 'later dayz' or whatver...just "Go to your Desitny" - In doing so, we acknowledge the incredible power and influence we have on the the Universe pulling us and guiding in the direction the we choose... You, yes YOU, have the Awesome potential to WAKE THE F--- UP and get S--- done! Enough with your sob sotries of being too tired, too broke, too stupid, too incompetent, too sad, too depressed, too disheartened, too...little...
Enough already! You are not owed anything. The Universe will only give you what you have the audacity to ask and the tenacity to earn. No exceptions. Whatever your circumstance, it is not always your fault, but it is certainly your responsibility to rise and overcome. Your destiny is yours to have, to hold, to embrace, to celebrate and replicate. Remember that 


Friday, August 5, 2016


I will be curious
I will be anxious
I will be envious
I will be motivated
I will walk
I will crawl
I will run
I will skip
I will limp
I will stop
I will breathe
I will pace
I will rest
I will assess
I will doubt
I will fear
I will question
I will (want to) cry
I will calm
I will think
I will reason
I will choose
I will rise
I will be patient
I will draw strength
I will ache
I will bleed
I will strain
I will be tempted...

but, no matter what...

I will not quit.

I will conquer.