Monday, August 15, 2016

Go to your Desitny begs repeating...but you are not owed anything.
You are not entitled to anything.
Nobody owes you anything. You don’t have some kind of privilege beyond everybody else.
You...yes, YOU are the sole architect of your own destiny.
I have a cousin with whom I have been exchanging this thought/parting for years and, for some reason, I never truly embraced it to its fullest until some years later : "Go to your Destiny".
We don't say 'goodbye' 'ciao' 'later dayz' or whatver...just "Go to your Desitny" - In doing so, we acknowledge the incredible power and influence we have on the the Universe pulling us and guiding in the direction the we choose... You, yes YOU, have the Awesome potential to WAKE THE F--- UP and get S--- done! Enough with your sob sotries of being too tired, too broke, too stupid, too incompetent, too sad, too depressed, too disheartened, too...little...
Enough already! You are not owed anything. The Universe will only give you what you have the audacity to ask and the tenacity to earn. No exceptions. Whatever your circumstance, it is not always your fault, but it is certainly your responsibility to rise and overcome. Your destiny is yours to have, to hold, to embrace, to celebrate and replicate. Remember that