Ep. 119 - The Heart Of A Champion (w. Terrie Schauer)

I have a thing for Champions. People who, on their singular journeys, do not shy away from what is often regarded as 'hard' or 'difficult'. Be it to achieve a chosen goal, or define their sense of purpose, champions know that to get the prize requires a series of processes, tactics, strategies, trials, errors and lessons to be mastered and applied.

Having all the attributes of a winner, my next guest, Terrie Schauer, is no stranger to these familiar waters as her incredible resumé speaks for itself:

As a successful Real Estate Investor, Terrie is an inspiring canadian success story, having spent more than half her life skillfully managing various rental properties.

As a passionate Coach & Speaker, Terrie is a firm advocate that passive income brought on by the knowledgeable management of an investment property allows for security and financial stability many simply do not have. She aims to guide others on this path through a variety of educational resources from online courses, regular workshops and practical newsletters.

Always about serving and paying it forward, Terrie also shares her incredible insight in her book "Mindful Landlord - How To Run Rental Property for Profit and Piece of Mind" which you should definitely check out.

As if that weren't impressive enough, Terrie is also a kick-ass Martial Artist, having won the world Jiu-jitsu championship not once...but twice.

It's an honor to host such an outstanding guest on the podcast.

Another exciting conversation which I hope you'll enjoy.

You can connect with Terrie via FacebookInstagramas well as her official website.

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