Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ep. 020 - Focus on your 'Why' (w. StyledByPaul)

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I've never shied away from admitting what I don't know or doesn't spark my interest. Whether it be cars, real estate, knitting...I understand that this variety of interests, despite our differences and/or disagreements, is what makes us so incredibly colourful as a species. 

For me, Fashion has also been right up there with the rest. Like Soccer. I can watch it, respectfully appreciate it - but I just don't get it.

Which is why my next guest, Montreal-based Men's Fashion Stylist, StyledByPaul (or just Paul, for short) was such a treat as she definitely embodies the best of both worlds. Her infectious passion (POW-HA!) definitely resonates with me and her expertise is something I wanted to tap into as I could admittedly learn a thing or two.

Paul is amazing and talented individual whose time and insight I'm incredibly grateful for.  For me, it's very important to remain both humble and curious. This is because one can always learn from a handshake, a glance, a short story, a quick article - or a decidedly awesome exchange with individuals who passion and drive are remarkably tangible.

You can connect with Paul via her Instagram feed, Facebook page, Twitter - or simply drop her an email at: 

Various articles covering Paul's awesome work and credits include...
- Le MIXMag
- Le Monde
- 514Magazine
- MontrealGotStyle

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

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"The style you see in me reflects the style that dwells in you-POW HA!" - Paul
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