Monday, May 14, 2018

Ep. 035 - Self Care (w. Emmy Georges)

"Take a chance. Why not?" - that was basically the one and only passing thought that drove me towards reaching out and connecting with my next guest on this new and engaging episode.

Emmanuelle Georges -or Emmy, for short- is a speaker, blogger, and founder of the Love Your Body Movement in Haiti. A truly heartwarming and powerful endeavour aimed at the empowerment of women on their individual journey towards self-confidence and self-love.

Why I wanted to have Emmy as a guest can be summed up by the following post, which I came across on Instagram, and for a reason I still cannot fully explain - it clicked with me. It really did.

After several views, I had to have her on the program. If only to thank her for her vulnerability and courage to speak out on the need for us to recognise these moments where we are not at our 100%. Through workshops, meetups, conversations and DANCE, Emmy has made it her purpose to offer her time and open her heart to women of all backgrounds in order to help them reaffirm their personal greatness.

A mission the certainly resonates with yours truly. And a story definitely worth sharing. By sheer coincidence and honest transparency, I got (re)acquainted with a truly bright and powerfully moving soul. 

Oh my, what a treat.

You can connect with Emmy via her Instagram feed, Facebook page or her blog or just say hi via good ol' email at :

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

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