Friday, June 1, 2018

Ep. 039 - Less Noise. More Dedication. (w. Lemar Martin)

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He's ba-aaack!

Thrilled that the Universe allowed our mutual schedules to realign and for the opportunity to have Lemar Martin on the podcast once more.

As a Natural Bodybuilder, trainer, and all around awesome individual, this conversation was another gem, if only to tap into Lemar's singular sense of purpose, truth, and relentless dedication.

Following what was a real adventure that eventually led to the incredible stage that is the Arnold Classic Brazil, recently held this past April held in São Paulo, Brazil, Lemar certainly has wild story to tell. And one I certainly hoped he'd be willing to share.

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

You can connect with Lemar via Instagram, Facebook & keep up with his latest videos via his YouTube channel.

© Nicolas Bourque ( - All Rights Reserved
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