Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ep. 041 - Two Black Guys (& a Gal) with Good Credit (w. Shaun Lynda, Dionne Nicholls, Arlington Forbes)

I must say that this episode should definitely be filed under the <Long Overdue> category.

About two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ms Dionne Nicholls. From our conversation and my genuine respect for her warm personality and infectious motivation, I realized there was something special going on there. Indeed, the more we talked and eventually connected, I ended up writing a blog post/review of her podcast "Two Black Guys With Good Credit" which she co-hosts  with the dynamic duo that are Shaun Lynda & Arlington Forbes.

Having been on the lesser end of financial freedom myself and slowly but surely building my way back up the hill, I can't tell what a imperative asset it is to sharpen your mind, habits and mindset towards a goal-oriented, practical and strategic financial journey. This is a special group of people who, through their podcast and Financially CLEAN! (a non-profit youth mentoring program), have made it their mission to reach out, educate and elevate as many people as they can through workshops, lectures and yes, podcasts!

A gem of a wild exchange. I had so much fun with this interview and it's no surprise why when you're blessed to have such a delightful ensemble of guests.

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I do hope you enjoy this conversation as we've enjoyed bringing it to you.

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