Friday, November 10, 2017

iTunes & Google Play approved! Believe it!

It's a wild ride and a treat and to make these episodes and create this podcast. It is. Bar none. I'm having fun. I'm proud of the work that's come out so far. Making mistakes, taking notes, trying new things, forging on as I - pardon the cliché - keep trying to "Do better. Everyday."

...but this is another level of Awesome right here.

Had to check...double-check...and check some more...but it's true : this podcast is officially available on the iTunes and Google Play platforms (as well as many of the other fine repositories, apps where you happen to get your podcast fix.)

12 episodes down so far, and I'm so very humble and thankful to all - family, friends, esteemed guests, supporters, listeners - for the feedback, encouragement, critique and involvement. 

Every listen, every download, every click - it MATTERS so much. I'm humbled.

So, this is just another awesome step in a great adventure. Hope you'll stick around.

Here are the links (click to be redirected) 

...or just search 'Awaken The Awesome'...I'll be there.

With love and gratitude,